Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fostering Further maintains an online wish registry that enables potential donors to grant a wish submitted by a deserving foster child or family.


Each wish submitted to our website is verified by the corresponding foster care agency and reviewed by the Fostering Further board.  Once approved, foster parents submit a receipt for the item and are reimbursed by Fostering Further. Values are determined by the submitted receipt, plus a 3% merchant transaction fee.

While every effort will be made to do so, Fostering Further makes no guarantee that all wishes made will be granted.

DONORS (Wish Granters)

Donors may browse wishes and grant wishes on our website.

Donors will receive a confirmation of their donation from PayPal, our merchant. If a donor sends a check, they will receive an email as a donation receipt.

If the donor chooses to send the monetary value of the product, service or experience requested:

Fostering Further makes every effort to represent to the donor the most accurate product, service or experience value available at the time the wish is made and/or granted. If there are any fees remaining after Fostering Further reimburses a foster parent on behalf of the donor, the donor understands that any additional funds will be deposited into an account for Fostering Further to use towards future donations, as well as program operating costs such as website database maintenance and others related to the wish-granting process.

All funds received by Fostering Further are used 100% towards furthering the mission of the organization and at no time shall be accepted as profit, in accordance with non-profit organization status.

If the funds collected for the product, service or experience are not sufficient enough to cover the total cost, Fostering Further will use other organization funds to cover the additional expense.

Wish Posting Guidelines, effective May 1, 2016:

The following wishes will not be approved:

– Wishes for guns of any kind (Nerf, water, etc);

– Wishes for high-end brand name items (Beats headphones, iPads, Uggs, etc) unless prior approval has been given;

– Wishes that cost more than $500 to fulfill;

– Wishes for babies, including toys and basic need items (car seats, cribs, beds, etc), unless it is confirmed that the state of residence is not providing these items;

– Wish forms that are incomplete, lack detail, do not follow our suggested format, or require significant edits (this includes using all caps or extra characters due to copy/paste from a Word doc);

– Wishes that include more than one item or more than one recipient;

– Multiple wishes for the same recipient at one time;

Thank you notes are highly recommended, as we rely partially on the gratefulness of our recipients to encourage future donations. Thank you notes may be sent to:

Fostering Further

P.O. Box 365

Pataskala, OH  43062