Ways to Help

Are you interested in helping Licking County foster families or kids in foster care, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some practical ideas for how to help local families:

Grant a child in foster care a wish to directly support a child in our local community.

Donate money directly to Fostering Further and help us fund support for kids, families and caseworkers.

Link your Kroger and Amazon accounts to Fostering Further and support us while you shop.

Donate your birthday! We can supply cards for you to give out that ask for a gift for a child in foster care rather than for yourself or your child.

Talk to your employer about involving a group of people at work to grant a wish or hold a special fundraising event for Fostering Further.

Ready to change a child’s life forever? Become a foster parent!

Looking for other opportunities? Do you have a skill to offer that might be helpful? Email us to hear the latest ways to help kids in foster care in our area.