Foster care can be hard.

We're here to help.

At Fostering Further, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of kids, families, emancipated youth, and social workers of central Ohio foster care.

There are thousands of kids in central Ohio foster care as well as emancipated youth. We have an enormous opportunity to create a support system to help them be successful.

Fostering Further was formed by a group of volunteers who wanted to help meet their needs, from creating childhood memories for kids to helping teenagers launch out on their own successfully, from practical needs of foster families to appreciating their social workers. We’re not a foster care agency—we’re a resource that works with agencies, organizations, and community donors to identify and meet real needs in the foster care community.

Fostering Further has been supporting local foster care since 2013.

Continually partner with 5 foster care agencies in Licking County

Granted more than 300 wishes for kids totaling over $55,000

“We are forever grateful to Fostering Further for funding a reading tutor for this past summer. Our foster son went from barely knowing his letters to reading at the level he should be for his grade. He was able to start school on an even playing field with the rest of his class which is something he has never experienced. He loves to read now and wants to read the bedtime stories to us.”
"My foster daughter reached out for financial support to obtain her drivers license. With the money you awarded her she passed her drivers test and now holds an Ohio Drivers License. She is now living on her own, driving to and from her part-time job and most importantly continuing her education by attending OSU-Newark. Thanks for your part in helping her achieve her goals to success!"
"With your help, I signed our little foster daughter up for a set of classes at the Y. When I gave her her acro outfit, I wasn't expecting her reaction. She squealed, jumped up and launched herself at me. With her arms squeezing me as tight as she could she sobbed and said, "Thank you! Thank you! You've just given me my DREAM!" Words can not express how grateful I am to you for helping our little daughter."
"The impact on our foster child is huge! He has severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. His legs don't bend like a normal child-they stick straight out. In a regular carseat he had to face forward which was unsafe and would cause bruising. His new car seat allows extra space for his legs and also reclines. He rarely smiles because he is in chronic pain, but when I buckled him in he looked right at me and smiled. Thank You!!"

We can’t do this without your help.

Your donation helps children and young adults have a better shot at a brighter future.

Use your time and skills to make a difference in the foster care community.