Every day in Licking County and all over the country, there are youth who emancipate, or “age out”, of foster care and struggle to get by. In fact, 20% of foster youth become instantly homeless when they turn 18. Without an address, it becomes nearly impossible to apply for a job or public assistance, and the result is a downward spiral that ends tragically for many youth.

“It is so very difficult to focus on school or a job when they are worrying about where they are going to sleep at night.”

Amber Carson, Clinical Supervisor for NYAP Newark

Hope Landing is a short-term transitional housing unit that will give youth a chance to get on their feet. We give them a safe place to live while connecting them with community services and mentoring to help them get a job, obtain a driver’s license, and learn how to live independently. Hope Landing is a place for former foster youth to “land”, catch their breath, and move on to a successful future.

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